Website design can sometimes be costly. That’s why our company decided to change the cost of website designing in an incredible way.

Usually the client has to pay the full cost to the web designing , but for the first time in the Netherlands we decided to receive this cost from the client in monthly instalments.

It is interesting to know that we also give the customer the authority to determine the amount of the monthly installment, it is unbelievable right!

There are only two conditions for this:
The cost can not be less than 20 euros per month.
The number of months should not be more than 10 months.

When the customer chooses the monthly fee and the number of months, we will automatically send an email or SMS to the customer every month, There is a link in this email or SMS that the customer can pay the fee with his bank account in less than 1 minute by entering this online link.

Our powerful server system, designed by our company designers, will automatically identify the customer and extend customer website for the next month.

Is there an easier than this?

Technical support is also provided free of charge to our customers throughout the year.

iWeb Ground

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